Nilangana Banerjee (Olive) is a Los Angeles based photographer, born in Mumbai, India. She currently lives in Los Angeles and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography.  She completed her Bachelors in Still Photography and Audio Visual Production in Mumbai, India and her first Masters degree is in Commercial Photography from Ooty, India. She started photography as her profession, due to her intense passion for the medium since childhood. Her academic degrees in photography have created a deep conviction towards her photographic ambition. After her schooling she had specialized in Industrial, Architectural and Interior, Portraiture and Conceptual Fashion Photography. She mastered the science and art of the photographic world under the guidance of eminent stalwarts in the field of photography. During her academic studies and as a commercial photographer, her work has been given immense praise and appreciation from reputed photographic institutions, companies and magazines. Recently, she was interviewed and featured under the LA's most inspiring stories, published by the editorial VoyageLA, Dec2018. She was also interviewed and featured by the Indo-American Newspaper the India Journal (USA), 2018 for being an Indian-LA based photographer and artist. In 2016, she was featured in the VICE Magazine, for her shooting of the LA based Middle Eastern Fusion food event, BIRDS. She also got published in a book for being the principal photographer and stylist for, The Paleosecret, in 2017. Her photographs were also a part of the most reputed global photographic exhibitions and galleries in and around Los Angeles, Portland including New York, Brooklyn at the Photoville 2017. She had also got the experience of working in the Editorial Fashion industry in LA, by commercially shooting for many reputed fashion brands, editorials other than working on conceptual projects, and fine art portraitures, in the US. Currently, she is the In house Fashion Photographer and the Creative Head for the company GLAM, LA. In concert to her technical expertise, she has also nurtured cultural pursuits in music: vocal, instrumental and painting. With the backdrop of California, she has ample opportunities to fulfill and sustain her hobbies and passion for photography and attain her never-ending satiation of cultural expanse.

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