Nilangana Banerjee, prominently known as Olive in the entertainment industry, is an affluential photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Born and brought up in Mumbai (India), Olive grew up surrounded with photographs (stills and videos) and photographic equipment as a toddler, an exposure that both planted and catalyzed her passion for the science and art of photography.

To professionally enter the field of photography, Olive pursued a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Still Photography and Audio-Visual Production in Mumbai, India. During her bachelor's degree, having realized the specific areas of her interest within the field of photography, Olive undertook a specialization within the fields of Industrial, Architectural and Interior, Portraiture and Conceptual Fashion/Editorial Photography, during her first Masters degree from Light and Life Academy under the mentorship of world renowned photographer, Mohammad  Iqbal, from India. Following the completion of her Masters in India, Olive worked on putative projects with the Taj Group of Hotels (Taj Vivanta - both for their hotel properties in India and Malaysia), Rambagh Palace, Taj Group of Hotels, Four point Sheraton Group of hotels, Good Homes, India (Interior and architectural magazine) and many more.

Although she gained substantial exposure in the Indian photography industry as a profession, Olive still felt the yearning to refine her skills in photography along with a desire to expand her horizons and art, globally. To this end, she was admitted to the New York Film Academy’s cutting edge Masters of Fine Arts in Photography program, having won the prestigious Talent Awards Scholarship, awarded to less than one percent of international artists. She graduated summa cum laude from New York Film Academy and her accomplishments following her graduation, in the field of photography which has made her a notable alumni and an ambassador for Photography, of the New York Film Academy. During her time at the New York Film Academy, Olive was mentored by Aaron Rapoport, Lara Rosignol, some of the most renowned and influential names in the American entertainment industry broadly and in the commercial and fine art photography industry specifically. 

Her expanding body of commercial work has gained immense praise and appreciation  from reputed photographic institutions, companies and various publications. Among some of her most prominent accomplishments, she was featured in the cover story for her fashion editorial  magazines, at the MOEVIR Paris, VANITY WALL Magazine New York, ROIDX Paris (Nov, 2020), 17:23 Magazine New York, HORIZONT Magazine New York (Oct, 2020), GMARO (June, 2020), FADDY ITALY Magazine (Aug, 2020), MOB JOURNAL (Sep, 2020), to name a few.

She was also interviewed and featured  by the LA WEEKLY  2023 (for being a "Rising Star in the Photography Industry")MEDIUM, TINSELTOWN NEWS NOW, THE LENS, SHOUTOUT LA, (2018-2022) and under the LA's most inspiring stories, published by the editorial VoyageLA, (Dec, 2018). In 2017, she was interviewed and featured by the Indo-American  Newspaper the India Journal (USA), for being an Indian-LA based photographer and an artist in the Industry. In 2016, she was featured in  the VICE Magazine, for her project about the LA based Middle Eastern Fusion food event, BIRDS. Later, she also got published in a book for  being the principal photographer and Art Director for LEXICON Media, The  'Paleosecret', in 2017. Her photographs were also a part of the most reputed global photographic exhibitions and galleries in and around Los Angeles, Portland including New York, Brooklyn at the Photoville 2017. 

She had also got the experience of working in the Editorial Fashion and Beauty industry in LA, by commercially working for numerous highly recognized commercial brands, such as Amazon, Forever21, Nordstrom, GLAM LA, Rilakumma Beauty, Walmart, Target, Urban Outfitters, Jill  Roberts, Honorine, Beauty Influence, Hanhoo, Masqueology, Ross, Olivia Care, Dr. Skin  Feed, etc. Currently, she is the In-house Lead Photographer, the Art Director and the Head of Creative Productions for the company , Beauty Brands Influence in LA. In concert to her professional  expertise, she has also nurtured cultural pursuits in music: vocal,  instrumental and painting. In the backdrop of California, she has ample opportunities to fulfill and sustain her hobbies and passion for photography and attain her never-ending satiation of cultural expanse.

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