The Fire, wild

Sky tangerine, 

As the nature grin,

Burn you down in ashes,

And make you pay for all the sin! 

Palm trees cry, as it burn all of their skin.

Controversial is the nature,

Made California spin.

Wind blew hard, as they were doing their part!

People came on streets, 

while some lives gave up on a, start!

Thomas and Lilac was as cruel as they can be,

Dark clouds and only ashes, is just what people see!

To combat the fury, thousands of people came.

To save the souls and so the woods, so their fate won’t be the same!

The fire, blaze, which left people, amaze..

Killing all the cattle and as the horses graze.

The untamed fire,

Turned California, the pyre.. 

Leaving everyone of us in a daze!


‘Yet, another life’

Dedicated to all the Californians, who suffered, and are still fighting the wild fire!

Los Angeles; Dec17, 2017

12:00 am

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