'The Selves'

                    'The Selves'

          The following series is based on one of the most common yet underestimated psychological conflict that is faced by people at large.

It focuses on the complexities of the thought processes that the human mind undergoes, in the quest of deciding who “he” wants to be. It shows the dips and dilemmas of the self, in deciding the self, pinpointing towards the stereotypical realm of society bred thinking, anything ideal, is perfect or anything perfect is always ideal.

This series tries to reflect upon the current state of the self, of the protagonist, which he is highly dissatisfied with. It encompasses the struggles faced by the protagonist in deciding what the ideal self would be, or should be.

Followed by this, the series tries to highlight the desperation in the protagonist to reach the ideal self, which leads to a complete psychological break down that causes the protagonist to lose both, the current self and the ideal self.

With an attempt to signify the importance of the need to strike a balance, this series is focusing primarily on the psychological craving of becoming a so-called ideal individual and the utter dissatisfaction with the existing self.

It also focuses on the perilous side of the “perfect”, or the “potential one” and tries to run on the lines of the following quote,

“If you look for perfection, you will never be content.” – Leo Tolstoy (Anna Karenina).

Through, Conceptual Narrative Photography, I like exploring the inner human psyche and the mental conflicts that each person interacts with, in their own unique way, interpreting and incorporating these important underlying elements into photographs has always fascinated me. The human behavior and its way of dealing with the inevitable truths of life, always inspires me to create, Art.

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