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Talent, Passion, and Perseverance: The Story of Nilangana Banerjee, a rising Star in the Photography Industry

Nilangana Banerjee, widely known as Olive in her professional world, is an extraordinarily talented photographer & an art director, currently based in Los Angeles, California. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and went through varying societal limitations (like many youngsters) in India to pursue and build an extraordinary and internationally acclaimed academic career in the field of photography. However, her intense passion, perseverance and utmost dedication to achieve and excel in the field of photography could not be suppressed and thus pushed her in a much larger domain of photography, internationally....


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Published article by LENS Magazine

Series featured are ‘The Selves’ and ‘The Lullaby’

April 2022, Issue #91

Featured Cover story, 'BAGGED' by ROIDX Paris Nov 2020

Cover Story, 'BAGGED' featured in ROIDX Paris, Nov 2020

ROIDX Paris, Nov 2020

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Behind the Lens of Photographer Nilangana Banerjee

Today multi-award winning photographer Nilangana Banerjee, who’s best known throughout the industry by her nickname Olive, is renowned for her creative ability to capture photos that lead viewers to question societal standards. While her photos are undeniably captivating thanks to her stellar art direction, styling and composition, it is Olive’s use of the medium as a proponent for social change that separates her from others.


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Meet Nilangana Banerjee I  Commercial Photographer &  Conceptual Artist


We had the good fortune of connecting with Nilangana Banerjee and we’ve shared our conversation below.



Tinsel Town News Now

One of the greatest challenges for a working artist is finding a balance between their commercial projects and their personal creative projects. Photographer Nilangana Banerjee, who’s originally from Mumbai, India but is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, is one of the rare individuals who has managed to establish an inspiring career as a successful commercial photographer who continues to produce powerful personal projects as well.



Published and  featured, Self Portrait series, 'The Dispirited Days'  (An Endurance  Durational Performance Art Series) 

(Featured as one of the 11 artists in the world) 

Sept 2020

Featured cover story, 'The Anomalous Death' at GMARO Magazine, NY

Featured Cover Photographer, for the June 2020 Issue# 


Cover Story, 'The Anomalous Death'


Featured article under the LA's most inspiring stories, published by the editorial magazine, VoyageLA, Dec 2018.

LA's most inspiring stories, Hollywood.

Meet Nilangana Banerjee

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nilangana Banerjee.

Nilangana, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

I did not begin my journey with the thought of becoming a photographer, in the first instance. Coming from a society, which considers photography no more than a hobby and pursuing art just an avocation, I always thought I would pursue one of my parents’ professions when I grow up. My mother is a teacher and father is an engineer. They belong to professions that are not even remotely related to art or photography. Although, I thought I would have to choose either one of the two or probably something around it, I never felt the passion to pursue either of their professions.


Featured cover story at Contour of Luxury, for covering TV celebrity and multi-millionaire realtor, Heather Altman.

Published cover story for the editorial, Contour of Luxury (Award winning, Luxury Magazine, 2019 LA), featuring Heather Altman (Cover Girl)

Contour of Luxury, featuring, celebrity Heather Altman.

Featuring, Heather Altman Group 2019.

Interview with celebrity, Heather Altman.

Interview with celebrity, Heather Altman.

The Contour of Luxury

Featured, photographer for the Luxury Publication, Contour of Luxury.

From Mumbai to LA, Nilangana Banerjee Making a Name in Photography

Published article on Los Angeles based Photographer, Nilangana Banerjee at the Indo-American Newspaper, India Journal (USA), Jan 2018.

Featured at VICE (MUNCHIES), LA

Published work, featuring Middle eastern, food pop-ups, 'BIRDS', by Logmeh LA at VICE Magazine.

Paleosecret; Official Photographer and stylist for the book, The Paleotreats, 2017, Los Angeles. 


Little Earth is a series by Los Angeles based photographer Nilangana Banerjee @nilangana_banerjee.Born in Mumbai, she was exposed to photography at a young age by her father who shot 35mm film for prints.


Photographer Explores Violent Themes in Nursery Rhymes

Noted photographer Nilangana "Olive" Banerjee explores the violent and often sexual themes of beloved nursery rhymes in the upcoming photo exhibit "Lullaby," set to tour next year.

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Nilangana ‘Olive’ Banerjee Explores the Disturbing World behind Children’s Nursery Rhymes in Upcoming Exhibition

Acclaimed photographer Nilangana “Olive” Banerjee takes an insightful look at the violent and sometimes sexual themes of nursery rhymes in the upcoming photo exhibit “Lullaby,” set to tour next year.

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The Beauty of Women's Hair is Showcased in Photo Exhibit

A woman's hair is her crowning glory someone once said and noted photographer Nilangana "Olive" Banerjee explores this notion and more in the upcoming photo exhibit "Stress Tress."

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New Photo Exhibit Takes on Violent Themes in Nursery Rhymes

Violence and sexual themes in nursery rhymes are explored by photographer Nilangana “Olive” Banerjee  in the upcoming photo exhibit “Lullaby,” set to tour next year.

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Nilangana Banerjee | The Selves | Series Digital Archives

The following series is based on one of the most common yet underestimated psychological conflict that is faced by people at large.

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Photo Exhibit Examines the Beauty of Women's Hair

 Noted photographer Nilangana “Olive” Banerjee explores the beauty of women's hair in the upcoming photo exhibit “Stress Tress.” The exhibition, which is set to tour next year, is now online at

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Upcoming Photo Exhibit Explores Violent Themes of Beloved Nursery Rhymes

The violent and sometimes sexual themes of beloved nursery rhymes are examined in the upcoming photo exhibit “Lullaby,” from noted photographer Nilangana "Olive" Banerjee, set to tour next year.

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